Towards full employment: How to meet the needs of companies hiring in Luxembourg?

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For many years now, Luxembourg is known for its ideal living environment, its high number of banks and financial institutions and… its shortage of talent in specific sectors. Let’s discover what are the areas that recruit the most in 2021, what are the most wanted jobs and especially, how to finally get the offer to match the demand in order to get closer to full employment in the Grand-Duchy.

The health crisis has created new needs in workforce…

As Yannick Frank, Luxembourg Director at Moovijob, has recently analyzed for Paperjam last April « The offer does not always match the demand in Luxembourg, and that is why the gap cannot be bridged. » Indeed, at Moovijob, we have noticed a big mismatch between the 3.255 jobs offer by companies and the jobs wanted by the 163.000 candidates registered on the platform.

Firstly, a new recurrent need of workforce in the Construction/Building Industry has emerged since the beginning of the year with around 800 job offers in April, as well as the Production Industry (mechanic, welder, manufacturer…) with more than 500 job offers published in April on Moovijob.

Despite those relatively new needs, Luxembourgish companies are still looking for Financial profiles (accountants, auditors, tax officer, compliance officer…) and Legal specialists. Respectively 603 and 143 offers.

But they don’t attract candidates

However, we noticed that the "top 5" of the categories most sought after by the candidates registered on is composed of trade and sales in first position. Then come the banking sector, IT development, marketing, communication and design, then administration and secretarial work.

Some industries and jobs are more interesting for the new generations. According to Yannick "The new generations pay particular attention to the location of the position, the flexibility of tasks and schedules, the work environment, the atmosphere, the possibility of remote working..." he says. Salary matters, too. "Some technical or manual jobs in the artisanal sector have a hard time attracting people, because they remain, in most cases, less lucrative than others." He adds, "Some sectors or professions are simply better known and more attractive than others. We often learn this in school, when we talk about orientation. And, generally, it is the same professions that stand out. There is work to be done at this level. The example is the same for companies: some companies attract more than others, because they have a better employer brand."

« Upskilling » and « reskilling » candidates, the key for full employment?

Even if some jobs attract more than other because of their possibilities and professional/personal balance, candidates sometimes forget the basics: to practice a certain profession, you need to have the right skills. Indeed, there is no secret. Lifelong learning, regular trainings and even reskilling (def: the process of learning new skills so you can do a different job, or of training people to do a different job) or upskilling (def: to provide someone, such as an employee with more advanced skills through additional education and training). Of course, not everyone can do every job. For example, to become a successful developer, you need to have a natural ability with mathematics and logic. To become a carpenter, you better be good with your two hands!

Today, we are lucky enough to have a full access to any kind of training, at any moment, anywhere. Thanks to organizations and tools like Lifelong Training which can provide candidates with thousands of training courses in Luxembourg, or even YouTube, web forums, social networks, blog, MOOC…

Furthermore, if a person wants a secure job and many professional opportunities, staying up to date with the latest news about the labour market and new trends concerning jobsearch is crucial. A good way to do that is to subscribe to newsletters like the Paperjam's or the Moovijob’s ones. 😊

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