The programming languages you need to master to work in Luxembourg

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If you look at the Luxembourgish job market, you will notice that, now more than ever, companies are looking to hire IT and software specialists. Indeed, with digitalization taking over the main sectors of the economy, available positions in IT have significantly increased in Luxembourg.

However, before you drop everything and move to The Grand Duchy, you should better be aware of the most in demand IT languages in 2018.

While writing this article, we have found several reports to look at. However, we chose to focus on the most reliable and recognized ones: The TIOBE Programming Community index, which calculates the popularity of the coding languages based on the search engine results and GitHub, the code-sharing website used by millions of developers worldwide.

Whether you are an experienced developer or an inspiring programmer, this article may help you decide which niche is worth the time and effort to master, according to the latest trends in the Tech world.


Java is an object-oriented language, developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. Initially used for web-application development, it has been proved to be very handy and powerful when it comes to cross-platform application creation.

Why should you learn Java? Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and this applies to Luxembourg, as well. How do we know? Easy:, as the first job board in the Grand Duchy, represents the perfect tool to measure the most wanted programming jobs. After trying the top 5 machine-oriented language (generated by TIOBE in October 2018) as keywords on the website, “Java” appeared to be in the highest number of jobs openings in IT in Luxembourg.


C is one of the oldest computer languages. Developed in 1969, it has remained one of the most influential programming languages thanks to its reliability and the variety of contexts you can use it in. Nowadays, almost every algorithm written and shared online is written in C.

If we look at the TIOBE Programming Community index for October 2018, it appears that the programming language C is in the second position of the most influential languages. C is also amongst GitHub annual top 10. Moreover, this programming language is in the second position of the most wanted skills in Luxembourg. So, if you want to make yourself valuable for recruiters and find a job in Luxembourg, consider improving your skills in C.


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language commonly used in web development. Originally created by Netscape in the 1990s, it is used to add interactivity on websites.

According to GitHub, JavaScript is the most commonly used algorithmic language in the past 5 years. “JavaScript has the most contributors in public and private repositories, organizations of all sizes, and every region of the world in 2018” reveals the website.

JavaScript appears also in the top ten of the TIOBE Index, as one of the most popular programming languages. With that being said, recruiters from Luxembourg are also looking for developers mastering this coding language according to results.

Wondering where to learn or master these IT languages? No worries, we got you!

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