Why you should NOT consider moving to Luxembourg if you want a career in ICT 😊

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Everyone is talking about Luxembourg and how the Tech Industry is booming in the country. Expats from all over the world are attracted to The Grand Duchy and the job opportunities it has to offer. However, it may be not that good of an idea than it seems, to move to this charming little country, tucked in between France, Belgium and Germany.

If you are considering finding a job in ICT in Luxembourg, read this article before you make a terrible, terrible mistake for your career. 😊

Job opportunities 

Today more than ever, recruiters in Luxembourg are looking for IT specialists. According to ADEM,  ICT is among the sectors that hires the most in Luxembourg in 2018. Whether you have experience in the field or just starting your career in IT, Luxembourg has plenty of job positions to fill. However, why bother changing countries and finding the job of your dreams?

Industry and job diversity

Thanks to its dynamic business environment, Luxembourg has attracted the European headquarters of the world’s biggest companies like Google and Amazon. Available job positions in IT cover nowadays, a large spectrum of the Luxemburgish economy. From retail to consulting and banking, you get to choose a career path in any area of your choice. With that said, we understand that too much options could be overwhelming for you

Higher income

One of the latest OCDE report revealed that Luxembourg has the highest average wage in Europe. Chances are that if you move to The Grand Duchy and work as an IT developer for instance, your income will probably increase. According to the Hays Salary Guide 2018, if you work as an IT Developer, your average salary may vary from 32k to 42k if it is your first experience and can reach up to 80k per year if you are a manager. But what a silly idea to move to Luxembourg and earn a lot more than you already do in your home country, right? Who needs the extra money anyways?!

Job Growth

In Luxembourg, IT is becoming the core business of many, if not all companies. Information Technology is one of the fields with exponential growth potential, especially in a fast-paced economy like The Grand Duchy’s. If facing exciting challenges focused on innovation while working your way up to the top seems inspiring to you, well you should probably apply for an ICT job in Luxembourg. Just keep in mind; it is raining from time to time in The Grand Duchy. Do not say we did not warn you.

Despite it all, you still want to kickstart your career in Luxembourg? 

You can click here to see the latest job offers in the Grand Duchy.

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