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At Source Up, we believe in the art of forging genuine connections at every stage of your journey, whether you are a promising talent, a candidate exploring options, or someone in the midst of professional growth. Our passion for delivering an unparalleled candidate experience goes beyond the basic recruitment process.

💼 Your dream job: our top priority

At Source Up, we look beyond just your resume and technical skills. Your ambitions and aspirations are central to our focus. Our goal: to propel you to a position that lets your star shine; a role you are passionate about in a company that resonates with you.

🤝 The Art of Alignment

Our mantra is straightforward: the right talent in the right place.

Aligning your skills with a company's needs is the key to mutual success. Our dedicated team tirelessly strives to present positions that foster both your personal and professional growth, for the long term.

🌐 Well-being at the Forefront

We recognize the paramount importance of balance and alignment. Join us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to explore our valuable insights into workplace well-being. You will find inspiration, stress-management tips, and uplifting testimonials to help you feel supported and confident.

📟 Self-awareness

Listing one's skills and effectively highlighting soft skills is not always straightforward. We offer all our candidates an online personality assessment: AssessFirst.

This approach helps understand how you operate, what drives you, and the resultant skills. Once the questionnaire is complete, the report provides a clear and structured view of your soft skills and potential.

What's easier than then sharing these insights with recruiters or companies you meet?

✨ Source Up: Your Partner in the Professional Quest

At Source Up, our mission is to transform the candidate experience into a rewarding journey marked by genuine interactions and enlightened advice. Beyond our recruiting role, we are here to offer you confidence and support in your pursuit of the ideal professional project.

Join us today and embark on a journey that will exceed your expectations!

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