Why Should Your Boss Allow You To Play Video Games at Work?

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Playing video games would be more beneficial than meditation to decompress at work, at least that's what this American research suggests. We can't say it enough: short breaks are essential to decompress during work. Getting some fresh air, meditating, walking... Everyone has their own method. However, according to a recent American study published in Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, it seems that playing video games is also a brilliant way to fight stress at work and increase productivity! 👇

Are video games the new relaxation sessions?

To achieve these results, researchers from the University of Orlando (Florida) asked 66 employees to participate in a study measuring their cognitive abilities and their stress resistance during their workday. They were asked to perform a specific task on a computer, intended to induce them to “cognitive fatigue”.

They were then separated into 3 distinct groups and all were asked to take a 5-minute break. Some took the opportunity to take part in a collective relaxation session, while others sat quietly without a telephone nor a computer. The third group played a video game known as “Sushi Cat”.

At the end of these different activities, participants were asked about their mood but also about their feeling of involvement in their work. Against all expectations, those who played said they felt “very good” and ready to get back to work. Those who participated in the relaxation session noted a decrease in their anxiety, but did not feel as good as their colleagues.

Playing video games to “recharge our batteries”

According to the study's lead writer Michael Rupp, this means only one thing: playing video games stimulates employees.

“We are constantly trying to finish all of our daily tasks by working tirelessly. But it seems to work better if we give ourselves time for an enjoyable and entertaining activity, such as playing video games, which will help us recharge our batteries” he says.

So, when will we introduce game consoles in our break rooms? Although a few companies in Luxembourg and around the world have started to make these available to employees, it is still difficult to picture it in every single company. Until this happens, some days will be more difficult than others and you will sometimes need to deploy all your strength to overcome them. 

Fortunately, there are a few tips to help you get through a whole day at the office: playing sudoku, laughing a good laugh with your colleagues, listening to music... the range of possibilities is almost infinite!

Do you believe that video games are helpful to your productivity? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below! 🗨

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