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Client Description:

We are recruiting for one of our client a Java Application Developer for a permanent position.


You will have to assume following responsibilities:

· Manage projects and the associated development specific to Java applications (from the Proof-of-Concept to production-ready code);

It also means ensuring the usage of concepts and best practices for the development of concerned applications.

· Assist in identifying technical needs and challenges in Java application architectures, and work with the business team to address business expectations;

· Estimate the adequate workload, perform Java application developments (mainly full stack oriented // back-end and front-end), and ensure a successful delivery of customer value;

· Produce the technical and user documentation related to Java applications; and

· Execute technical security reviews of existing Java applications.

Candidate Profile:


· Being client-oriented.

· Always looking for new technical trends in the development of Java applications.

· Having a strong interest in ICT and cybersecurity subjects.

· Capacity to create technical - ICT and cybersecurity – content, and to make it understandable to unspecialized audience.

Technical skills and education

· Minimum 5 years of professional experience within a similar role.

· Strong knowledge in core Java and Java-based technology stack.

· Good knowledge in the following:

·       Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Angular, React Native and Relational Databases.

·       Development tools such as Git, GitLab, Maven, JUnit, CI/CD and Docker.

· Have a good expertise with multithreading, asynchronous and event-driven programming.

· Hold a Bachelor or Master degree, or relevant diploma in ICT.

· Be fluent in French and English.

Soft skills

Your personality:

· Being proactive, polyvalent and very well organized.

· Have the ability to solve issues and take decisions in a timely manner.

· Ability to understand complex topics and to simplify them for the audience.

· Have good verbal and written communication skills.

· Strong team player with the ability to work independently.

· Act collaboratively with a high sense of confidentiality and integrity.

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